Welcome to Peace of Mind Management


Dear  Homeowner
you may think this is not a good time to sell your , but you have to relocate or you decided to downsize? Think about the opportunities that Real Estate market can bring to you and you be surprised to know that you have more choices than you may realize. Please take time to review Peace of Mind Management site to see how ease your life will be as a landlord while you will be focus on your new life. Be completetly  informed of your options and for that, Peace of Mind encourage you to ask as many questions you may have. Your tool to be sucessfull and well prepare is to be informed and Peace of Mind's prize to you is knowledge to make the right decision !

 Dear Tenant
On behalf of our  owner’s, we want you to feel welcome in your new home. While we work for our  owners, we will insure a comfortable stay for the duration of your tenancy. Our commitment to you is to always have an open communication form so we can work to make your stay in check and to address any problems during your stay.

Why Choose Peace of Mind Management?
•    The People Make the Difference- Personal relationships, experience and know how.
•    Qualified Leasing Consultants and  Inspectors = Results
•    Picture/ Taped  Inspections = Detailed Records
•    We show rental properties 7 days a week = Convenience
•    Computerized Accounting = Accuracy
•    Serving South Florida, with many satisfied customers= Excellence in customer services
•    You can do the work yourself, or you can have us do the work for you and deduct it from your taxes = Our services are tax deductible.
•    We save you time, money and aggravation in Dealing with your Rental .

The People Make The Difference
The key to our success is in the personal relationships that have been built with our clients over the years. Our experience and knowledge in managing single family homes, condos and townhomes, means savings for you.

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